Friday, September 25, 2009

Second Combat Last Show | December

a message from second combat -

After all the good times and bad times we had,we finally decided to break up after 13 years together.Thanks to every bands that we played with,The previous lineups,Every labels and people we work with,Every kids that come to our shows to support us we will miss that singingalong,stagedives and Hi-Five we had in our shows.

We've seen so much for the past 13 years a trembling scene,a heartbreak kid as bands come and go as they please to claim their ground and reputations.As music change and the next trends took over it took an impact on us.We believe in what we do partially we think what we did is not for everyone to be followed.

At some point when a band getting bigger and older they decided to give up on what the had .We had so much fun together as a band.As our aim and mission some of it had been accomplished.Its just sad that some countries that we didn't get to discover yet and bands that we didn't get to play with yet.We never gave up as an individuals thats embrace these positive political values around us.All we wanted to achive is to make more kids sing together believe in every way that HC has its reasons at the same time make a change in our Hardcore community either based of possibility to corrupted society that we dwell in.

Second combat care about the kids that come to the shows,Every little one will be treated with respect like brothers and sisters.Everyone had the liberty to do anything to whats right for their bodies to wear and to whatever they wanted.As we were young we had the same thing as no one runs away for being a kid.Kids are open to make mistakes and learn from it.Theres no time for preaching for us since we not a preacher but only as role model for the kids today.

Second combat is always a big issues from now and then.As everything always a problem to us and to everyone around us eventhough its seems minor to some people when bands hate bands,scene hate scene ,people hate people its pretty obvious we had it in our scenes building its plague. But why does this still happening?since we had watch and learn to what happens in Palestines,Afghanistan,India or Indonesia,or some other part of the world that racism/facism will burn us down.When non ordinary people were cast away because of their differences?We need to think this over.There's to many things we wanna discuss about when we were as a band as we wanna standup for the kids,for the people,for the environment, and for the animals.We want people to listen to us and to learn every minutes and everyday to arm themselves with knowledge so we wont be fooled around by our leadears.Take a look to what's going on in the world insted of worrying about what's the latest trends might be.As the society nor the government look at us a garbages which screaming for nothing as they prefer their children to hangout at the night clubs at every weekends bowing down like parrots imitating what they were told to do.

Second combat did not gave up as a band as our principles will live forever in our heart since theres no significants feeling ever to compare with being straightedge or maybe more then a living.Maybe we started as a punk band and end as a Hardcore band eventually its all endup in the same category without boundaries. We needed a rest after the non stop shows and tours we had in past few years.We still here to support other bands and organise a good shows for the kids furthermore we will try to make a comeback someday.Please bear with us.

Thanks for all the hatred,rumors shit talking ,backstabbing we had between friends while we were here.We still have time until DECEMBER so you can either throw anything or any comments to us before our last show since we have 4 month to go before we rip the stage off.Please come and singalong with us for the last time at the stage.

Thank you very much for being part of us.


Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!
Say NO RIP for Second Combat !!

Friday, September 11, 2009

why the CHAINS was BREAK?

ahhhh . flash back time.
27december08. fatally oi! :)

dalam perjalanan ke ipoh. akem, nyna, zaki and ayen naik satu kete (storm), aku ngan anugerah(boy) naik satu kete. wooo! pjalanan yg amat jauh dan byk halangan.

1st - boy ckp ngan aku time baru kat perhentian sungai buloh, hujan lebat gila time tu. dia ckp yg dia tak sdp ati utk teruskan perjalanan. aku pun ckp, ahh, chill ah boy. takde pape la. aku cuba bg dia spirit utk gig aritu.

2nd - tgh syok jalan, tetiba kereta akem bawak tu breakdown tgh jalan. arghhh . masalah sungguh. 3 4 kali jugak la benti2 tepi high way tu. slow slow jalan gak.

3rd - smpai aje tol simpang pulai, tayar kereta boy plak bocor, aduh. masalah lagi baii. da la time tu da pkul 7.30pm. nasib ada kedai tayar bukak lagi kat pekan2 tu.

organiser dah call aku byk kali da. haihh . at last, smpai gak kat venue gig pkul 8.30 mlm camtu. wooo. masih sempat lagi. second last band tgh perform time tu. so fatally oi was the last band la. ramai gak skinhead n hardcore kids kat situ, kawan-kawan pun ramai juga. smpai2 aje aku terus pegi cari organiser, organiser pun after this fatally oi. aku pun menggelabah la pegi ckp kat bandmates sume and nak gi ready2 amek instrument dalam kereta.

baru je aku kuar nak kearah kereta, aku ditahan oleh somebody yg aku kenal tp tak perlu la korg tau namanya. dia tarik aku ke tmpt yg takde org sgt tp masih dekat ngan venue gig. dia tanya aku satu question yg aku sendiri taktau jawapannya. arghh . what the fuck. ada somebody telah mitoskan cerita aku! dan mitos tu telah membuatkan somebody yg tahan aku ni PANAS! aku cuba menerangkan tapi apa bole buat, dia lagi percaya kawan dia yang cerita bagai ular. aku masih cuba terangkan situasi sebenar, tapi apakan daya, hasutan iblis lebih membuatkan dorg berang ngan aku, tambah pula dengan kesan alkohol pada otak dorang ni. aku diperlakukan bagaikan seekor anjing, seekor anjing yang dipukul dan dipalu dari kiri kanan depan blkg dan atas. aku tak mampu buat apa, hanya sekadar mampu menahan dan mampu meraih simpati KAWAN-KAWAN SEPERJUANGAN yang hanya MELIHAT aku bagaikan mereka sedang menonton siaran sarkis di televisyen. ohh, alangkah sedihnya hati masa tu. baru aku kenal erti kawan, baru aku kenal erti brotherhood and family dan baru aku kenal ertinya otak sempit manusia kuno.

aku cuma menahan, tidak mampu melawan kerana terlalu ramai, dengan tidak berbekalkan pertolongan daripada kawan, seorang rakan hanya membantu, TERIMA KASIH AKEM!! dia sorang aje yang tolong aku dari dilauk bagaikan anjing kat tengah2 jalanraya. dia2 pun skali kena beduk time tu, ohh peritnya rasa kat hati masa tu, hanya tuhan je tahu. ohh. baru aku menyesal dan mengerti, apakah maksud disebalik a fucking way of life ni.

kepada kawan-kawan yang ada malam tu, terima kasih kerana hanya mampu melihat. terima kasih hanya mampu berkata-kata. that why the chains was break. this is the answer. org slalu tanya, nape fatally oi stop? ok. got it now?

anyway, thanks kepada kawan-kawan yg selama ni tak putus2 sapport fatally oi, specially utk adik aku kushairi, ayen, sembot, patinjo, genit, kehcik and all skinheads in malaysia, indonesia, fillipines, thailand, germany and hungary that who knows us. god bless you all. ni the last gig fatally oi kat paul place. walaupun sakit hati, penat dan sakit badan bersama bibir yang pecah. main jugak! hahaha . and thanks to ein and secondcombat that giving us a spirit for us to play hardcore music for next goal.

harapan aku pun hancur mcm tu aje lah.nak cerita harapan mmg byk. supposely tahun ni (2009) tahun busy utk fatally oi . nasib tak book tiket utk jakarta n bandung lagi, kalau tidak sia2 aje burn hahaha. tak pelah . let the past be the past la kan HAHA.. and now, we have a new aim for a goal. don't stop supporting us. we won't let you down. we'll bring it back from the years that full of tears...


Thursday, September 3, 2009


sape lah yang bole belikan ni untuk besday present aku ? nak beli sendiri memang tak mampu lah kan! haha . takpe, mana tau tahun ni ada org nak belikan . mmg aku deepavali sorg2 lah do time tu HAHAHA! aku nak wehh! NAK!